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Why You Should Choose a Small Business

You hear the ads for the major corporate companies all the time, right? They study branding and pay for radio time to get thier jingle ingrained in your brain. Today, we are asking that you resist the brainwashing! Look into your local small businesses! Support your community! Why?

Local businesses are often family owned and operated. You may not hear fancy ads on the radio because they are extremely costly to run. Most of the time, these businesses forgo those costly ads to have another employee working and pass savings on to you, the consumer. Those big companies charge higher prices to cover the overhead they incur from all of that marketing.

You can build a relationship that you can trust. Local business will know your name and remember why you came. There is a level of costomer service that you just won't reach with these corporate giants. To them, you are just a number.

How do you know who you can trust? Check out your local Chamber of Commerce. Theses are networking groups for small businesses that support your community and are trustworthy. Or, just ask around. Find out who your neighbors have used. If the neighbors aren't so friendly, you can always refer to an online screening service like Home Advisor that does back ground checks and has customer ratings for the businesses it contacts.

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