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Pests aren't always bugs, sometimes they are the jobs you never get around to. Let NUKEM take care of them for you!

Handyman and Construction Services

Odd Jobs? 

-We love 'em!


Need a small appliance like a microwave installed? That closet door just doesn't sit right? Need a few planks replaced in your wooden fence?

We've got you covered!



Tired of your current flooring or desperately need some new flooring put in? Nukem will replace your flooring and put in brand new floors with quality work!

From small jobs, to big ones such as interior remodeling, Nukem has you covered! Make us a "honey-do" list and give us a call today. We'll get those pesky jobs out of the way for you!

Here are some of our services: 




Appliance installation

Deck repairs

Door/Window repairs

Drywall repair

Waste/debris removal




Our services aren't limited to what's on this list-just give us a call and we'll take care of you.

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