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New Jersey: A Moderate to Heavy Risk for Termite Damage

Graphic from Termidor Pamphlet: Rest Assured with Termidor 2015

That "ant" may be a termite...


It's more than a treatment,

it's insurance.


Graphic from Termidor Pamphlet: Rest Assured with Termidor 2015

One Year

Protection Plan

Treatments come with a one year protection plan that can be renewed.

Don't be fooled by termites, they are the best at hide-and-seek! Just because you don't see them doesn't mean you don't have them. And even if you don't have them now your home may have been treated in the past.


Termites are nearly impossible to detect to the untrained eye; they don't leave nests or droppings for us to see. When we do suspect their presence, it's only because it means we have found the damage they've left behind. By the time you see termites they have left costly damage in their wake! 


If you suspect termite damage, or are ready to protect against it, let our trained technicians perform a free evaluation. They are trained to find traces of termite damage at any stage and can detect evidence from past treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have pets and/or children, what chemicals are used and are they safe?

         We use Termidor on our termite treatments and although this is a chemical, our technicians take all safety precautions when applying it. The chemical is odorless so there is nothing unsavory for you to be smelling post-treatment. Any safety precautions that need to be taken by the customer will be advised by your technician. 


Can I use a store-bought chemical and treat myself?

          No, this is not recommended. Technicians are trained thoroughly in areas of inspection, detection, treatment, chemical handling and care. You'd be surprised how much chemistry goes into mixing the formulas for treatment. Also, store-bought sprays and treatments may seem appealing when they are only $3-4 a bottle but they aren't chemicals that are as high grade. These chemicals are never as effective. 


Can I do a "spot" treatment?

        Spot treatments are possible and attractive because they are cheaper than treating the whole home. After inspecting a technician can best advise, sometimes a spot treatment is more plausible given the situation; however, the majority of the time it is recommended and much safer to treat the whole home. Termites can travel far, and just because they were found by your garage door doesn't mean they didn't find their way in by your by back porch. A spot treatment leaves you open and often unprotected and can lead to wasting money if termites find another way in.  



3 Steps to Efective Termite Defense




Get professional help.

         A thorough inspection of your home will determine if, where, and how termites are getting in. Every accessible inch of the house that comes into contact with the ground will be inspected for signs of damaged wood and termite shelter tubes. Your pest management professional will find termite activity and can also explain how to correct any conditions in your home that invite termites.


Employ the best defense: Termidor products.

       If the inspection reveals termites, your pest management professional can get rid of them and keep them from returning. If your home is currently free of termites, congratulations! Now it's time for your pest management professional to take preventative action to help ensure it stays that way.


Schedule regular professional check-ups.

       A clean bill of health from a doctor today doesn't mean it's not important for you to get regular check-ups in the future. Your home after a Termidor treatment is no different. Regular check-ups by your pest management professional will make sure Termidor continues to do its job, and that your home remains termite-free..

All text taken from Termidor Pamphlet: Rest Assured with Termidor 2015

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