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Here's A Little Bit About Us...

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We pride ourselves in our service and quality products!

...even though it's about you.


Our technicians will customize your treatment to the pest control needs of your home.  We have been in business since 2005 and are proud to be a family run company providing top quality services to local families and businesses.

Nukem Pest Management takes pride in serving our customers and our community since 2005.  We are members of the Lacey Township Chamber of Commerce and participate in many of there local fund raisers and community events.

Our service has earned us a five-star rating on Home Advisor.  We believe that each home has individual needs and individualize our services to meet your pest control needs.

We know that you are not often in your attic or crawlspace.  When you make an appointment with us, our technicians will address the problem you are having, but can also evaluate these areas as well.  Attics are prone to rodents and wild animals nesting.  This can bring fleas, ticks, and damage to your attic space.


Crawlspaces are prone to moisture and a whole host of insect problems.  We can locate wood destroying insects, mold, ventilation problems, leaky pipes, damaged insulation, and other issues you may not have been aware of.

Nukem Pest Management is a full service pest control company.  Not only can we treat your home, we can fix the damage insects and animals may have caused.  We install crawlspace ventilation and vapor barriers as well as sump pumps, repair or replace main beams, and any other wood that may have been damaged.

Selling or buying a home?  Nukem Pest Management can inspect and provide you with the proper paperwork needed for closing.  We work closely with realtors to make your transaction go smoothly with no surprises.

Nukem Pest Management only uses top quality products like Termidor and Max Force.  These are products only licensed pest control operators can purchase, which are much more effective than what you can buy on your own.  Our technicians will go over everything you need to know about your treatment and the chemicals being used.

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