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Our Services


We are a full service pest control company.  We customize your treatment to fit the needs of your home.  Not only do we use top quality products like Termidor, we also provide services we stand by.  Our staff also come with the skills to repair damage caused by wood destroying insects, moisture, mold, and animals. 


No job is too big or small.  We pride ourselves in providing customer satisfaction and peace of mind.  When was the last time you were in your crawlspace or attic?  Let us do the dirty work for you.  Call today!

Termite Treatments

Our technicians are trained to inspect and identify signs of active or previously active termites.  Our treatments come with a one year warranty which is renewable. We can also provide you with inspecctions and certifications necessary for closing if you are buying or selling a home.

Home Seasonals

Our year round plan is a great way to get a handle on the general insects around your home.  We come out to your home seasonally, on an appointment you set, and spray the perimeter of your home for many general insects like spiders, wasps,  fleas, ticks, and many more.  For an additional fee we can also treat your yard, making your back yard experience a wonderful one.

Ant Treatments

There are many species of ants. Our technicians will identify them and treat them accordingly.  They can also give you valuable preventative information to help you avoid future problems.  Carpenter Ants, are a wood destroying insect that can cause structural damage to your home.  It is important that you have a professional identify the type of insect and a proper course of treatment.

Rodent Control and Bed Bugs

Rodents like mice and rats can fit into very small spaces.  They bring disease, fleas, and ticks into your home.  NUKEM has top quality products and programs to eliminate your rodent problems.


Bed bugs can come from any where, vacations, kids coming home from college, and even sleep over guests.  We have monitoring programs, prevention, and treatment for infestations.

Damage Repair

Sometime pests get the best of our homes before we even realize what's happening. If you're home has any damange, NUKEM can do the repairs, this may include flooring, repairing beams and other construction work. 

Crawlspace Monitoring

It's not often you are in your crawlspace.  Our trained technicians can inspect and identify many problems that come up in crawlspaces.  From termites, spiders, and animals, to damaged wood, moisture, and mold, NUKEM can give you peace of mind.  

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